Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Final Landmark Gift Area info

If you are a vendor with no store location or if you want to participate and don't want your store to be bogged down with traffic you can also  choose to participate in the hunt at the final location. I'm planning on a gift area  which will have hidden spiders at the final location as a special treat. If you would like to offer more than one item or only want to participate in the gift tent please make sure you note this in the applications. :) I'm limiting the number of gifts at the final location so please let me know early what your plans are. Thank you so much to the many vendors who have already applied. We are filling up quickly so please apply early. :))

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Spooky Spiders are every where!! *TuttiFrutti* Offically added to participating stores!

Thank you to Miss Bela Tolsen of the infamous *TuttiFrutti* who came up with the most wonderfully original idea to use a creepy spider on a web for our gift object.  She is offically part of the hunt! Welcome to the Spooky side of the street!

Hunt Vendor Details

This is an ADULT hunt!

This Hunt Will Take Place October 15th to Nov 15th...
This is a no Cost Hunt & We are Accepting 250 stores Max...
There is a group in world with open enrollment for vendors and hunters. when the hunt approches the vendor applicants accepted will be invited to a vendor only group.
This is a hunt for those addicted to all things Spooky. The gifts will be a wide range of goodies, including Clothing, Accessories, Gestures, Toys, Body Stuff & much much more.


» All Items Must Be Freshly Created and limited to this hunt.
» You Must Provide us With a Hint. We want this to be fun not hard!
» No selling of the hunt items until AFTER the hunt.
» You must place the hunt poster outside of your shop along with the hunt item previeiw. When Its Received!
» All applications must be turned in by September 31st, no exceptions. 
You will receive  an object to place your item in along with the LM for the next location.
» Everything must be laid out and packed correctly by october 13th for the final walk-through.
» Once you have been accepted you have 72 hours to respond by sending a note card or IM to Spooky Hollow.
» If You are Going to Sponsor Please Take it Serious we would hate for you guys to back out at the last minute. We want Everything to run smoothly.
» We have a 0 tolerance for rudeness. And all the tolerance for laughter and jokes.

If you have any questions about the hunt, don't hesitate to ask. Also If you Think That you cant continue on with the hunt Please Let us know before the due date!

Spooky Hollow Application.

Currently Accepting Applications:  Deadline Sept. 30th (See More)

Create a NEW notecard and name it:  GH App – Your name – Store name
Copy the application below to your NEW notecard and fill it out. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
Send completed application to Spooky Hollow.
GH Application:
Your store name:
Your avatar name:
To receive hunt notices and communications I prefer (choose at least one):
___ To be added to an in world group
___ To have an alt added to an in world group (List alt name here)
Please give the name of another avatar who we can contact in case of emergency if you are unreachable and something goes awry. (A store manager, a friend with mod rights, etc)
Your store landmark:
Your store slurl:
Region Rating (PG, Mature, Adult):
Do you have any idea of what your gift may be?
OPTIONAL: Would you willing to help out in other areas of this hunt? (check those areas you would be willing to help with)
___ Group chat moderation and Hint giving
___ Walkthroughs and hint making
___ Blogging about gifts to build anticipation for the hunt (would require sharing your email with me to add you to the blog)
___ Hosting or organizing an after party
___ Promotion of the hunt
___ General assistance

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I am in the very early stages of organizing the first annual  Spooky Hollow Gridwide Hunt!  If you are a vendor an artist or a hunter please book mark this page and check back often for updates!